ISO 26,000 fraud article, and new Feb 2011 cover

In our Feb. 2011 edition one story we are covering is IS0 26,000’s teething problems.

The cover of our Feb edition is below, followed by the IS0 story as a J-peg which you can you enlarge to read by click on it.

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  1. Hi Todd,

    Thanks for sharing. I fully agree with the viewpoint that claiming certification to ISO26000 is diluting the standards credibility, ISO good name and possible the future of CR standards in general.
    I was recently at the presentation of ISO26000 in Denmark where the Danish Standards (DS) board have taken the ISO26000 and is claiming that they are able to audit and certify companies. DS is also the national representatives of ISO in Denmark auditing and certifying companies to the other ISO standards out there. They call their auditable ISO26000 standard, DS26000.

    At the meeting I raised the very same issue that ISO in a press release just a few days before the announcement said that they did not support any efforts or attempts on certification and that they would fight any such claims. However, the answer from DS was that they would continue their efforts and possible try to influence ISO to change their mind. I did feel like the little boy in the H.C. Andersen fairytale that shouts that “the emperor did not ware any clothing” but in that crowd there were not many none believers.

    But basically I think you can add Denmark to the list of countries where you can be Certified Responsible, if there ever were such a thing.

    best regards

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