Is water risk your biggest issue?

For some companies, it won’t be. But for many, particularly in heavy industry, water is fast moving up the agenda as a major business risk.

A good indication that this is true is contained in this article, entitled “Norway’s state pension fund wise to water risk”, published on FT.com today.

The fund owns about 1% of European equities. So it’s a big player. And might come knocking on the door of your investor relations team at some point soon to ask about water policy and planning.

We held a conference on the topic of water management last year, and it was clear that big companies are very worried about water. But because it’s so complex, defining a clear public position on areas companies cannot affect on their own is tough.

We all remember Bechtel in Bolivia, now a case study of how not to engage communities on water issues!

And the big Western water companies soon found out, a few years ago, that making money from developing nation water systems is tough to do.

There’s a report on how big companies are considering water risk today, here.

Titled: “Water ethics, footprinting and supply security. Learn how water factors into your success, and what you should do”, there’s a free summary, here.

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