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Is sustainability certification fit-for-purpose? The pros and cons

….. Here’s another excerpt from our fab new Supply Chain Risk & Innovation publication, out ten times a year, sign up blah blah, it’s brilliant, blah blah blah. You get the idea.

But here’s some good free stuff below, before you get annoyed with the marketing messages.

Given we at Innovation Forum have a reputation for being a bit anti-certification (not true, I am, but my colleagues are ambivalent at best/worst) we thought we’d put out a balanced argument for and against it.

I don’t always agree with every word of everything we publish myself, I would point out. This four page bit of analysis does have some useful nuggets, so if interested in sustainability certification it’s worth a read.

A key mechanism of the sustainability movement, commodity certification has proved fairly (I’d say somewhat in some cases) effective in the fight against environmental destruction. But do global systems designed to drive best practice have their limitations?

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