Is Asia Pulp & Paper in your supply chain?

I asked this question recently of a friend who is head of CSR for a large UK company.

We were discussing companies that no-one credible should want to do business with, and APP came up top of our list.

Of course, there are others in the electronics, agriculture, commodities supply and textiles sectors, amongst others.

However, APP, and its parent, Sinar Mas, probably comes top as the only firm that appears to be losing big corporate customers faster than it can possibly gain them.

I won’t go into all the detail on the company here, there are links below. But if they are in your supply chain, you would be well advised, morally and with your reputation in mind, to get well shot of them.

I don’t say any of this lightly. There’s probably only a handful of large companies world-wide who are genuinely beyond redemption as things stand right now. APP/Sinar mas are one of them.

My friend’s company, fortunately, eventually reported back from various divisions that they did not do business with APP. But it caused a few weeks of concern for my friend while he checked with various arms of the business.

APP/Sinar Mas is a company that both Greenpeace and WWF, despite years of discussion, have completely failed to convince of the benefits of any real kind of sustainability.

Having reviewed the growing and damning evidence against them for almost a decade, it’s obvious that this is true. There’s a lot I know about them that I can’t publish, unfortunately.

The last findings from WWF are here. Greenpeace’s reports are here. APP has responded here. And George Monbiot has also weighed in recently, here.

See Mongabay’s reporting here on APP’s representation of auditors who are now trying to distance themselves from the company.

APP/Sinar Mas is a company currently beyond the pale for anyone sourcing paper or palm oil.

Click here for the Wikipedia entry that details large companies who will now not do business with Sinar Mas.

And click here for the Wikipedia page on APP which tells you some of the story.

Given the growing list of companies refusing to do business with APP and its parent Sinar Mas, it might wise if your own firm checked whether or not they supply your business with either paper or palm oil.

If you do, you should switch suppliers as fast as you can. APP/Sinar Mas is years from being in a state where anyone should do business with them.

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