Interesting announcements from Unilever tomorrow

If you are looking for soundbites, stats and real corporate progress this week on sustainability, you’ll get it in spades tomorrow and the next day from Unilever.

Remember this is the company with the most ambitious business plan in the world on sustainability.

I met the CEO Paul Polman last week and he said, “it’s not a plan, it’s a business strategy”. Nice.

More on that in the forthcoming May edition of Ethical Corporation magazine, which will be a doozy.

Double the business and halve the impact is one headline. There are plenty of others.

I’ve seen the results, a year into their ten year journey, and I have to say they are pretty good.

I imagine the updates will be posted on this page, perhaps by the time you read this tomorrow.

Having said that, I expected them to be. Year one is not the tough year. Years three, four, five and six on the other hand, will be a lot tougher.

The consumer conundrum will take years to tackle, if it can be done at all. On other areas, progress is fairly impressive.

For the detail on what’s going well, and what’s going not so well, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

There’s a marathon online conference to join too, that will be worth a look.

I can tell you this is a good week for sustainable business and corporate responsibility.

There’s enough in Unilever’s results so far to cheer you up, and god knows we all need that sometimes in this field.

I’m pretty confident there will be enough positive and solid discussion that the online debate / discussion will be worth joining.

In the past Unilever’s stakeholder voices have all been a bit too friendly, in my view.

Let’s see what happens this time around. We all need more help than we might think we do.

There are some tough questions thrown up by the results for all of us to discuss in detail where the company is struggling: And most importantly, what some of the solutions might be.

They need your help to tackle some of this too.

Here’s where to go to get involved

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  1. This just in. How can this happen at Unilever with such a track record? …Any thoughts?


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