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Innovation Forum, how we can help you in 2017

Hello blog readers. Thanks for taking a moment to read this.

As we all plan for 2017, I thought it might be helpful to let you know a bit more about what we do at Innovation Forum, and what we’ve got planned for the year ahead.

We’re not just a pretty conference face, so to speak. We also do some other things that might help your company achieve your objectives. So here’s a quick list, and no hard sell. Just let us know if interested. Tobias.Webb@innovation-forum.co.uk

Our conferences 

Can we work together on conferences in a way that helps you achieve your objectives around sustainable supply chains and innovation? We work with big companies like Unilever, Diageo, Wilmar and Golden Agri, Hogan Lovells and others, to host events and bring together key stakeholders. I wondered if you might want to see our event schedule plans to see if there is a fit. We usually work with large companies as sponsors or hosts of events, but there are other ways we could work together which we could also discuss. Take a look at what we have planned here. Our next conference, on engaging smallholder farmers in sustainable agriculture, can be found here.


Innovation Forum runs regular webinars on sustainable supply chain issues. From tackling deforestation to working on child labour, human rights or in commodity specific areas such as sugar, cotton or palm oil. We usually gather 200-700 stakeholders online for each hour-long webinar, and then around 1000-3000 people listen these afterwards as podcasts. We work with companies as sponsors of these, so we can cover the costs of the work needed to host them. Our most recent webinar on the High Carbon Stock approach to tackling deforestation can be found here.

Risk briefings

We already provide quarterly or annual risk briefings to large companies all over the world. Given our work, we have access to the latest thinking on all the key issues and to the key stakeholders who can spot risks before they become significant. We offer a PDF or presentation format, which can be used across your company and is written in an accessible way. These help customers stay on top of specific risks (our work is tailored to your sector or issues) and also understand what peers and other firms are doing to help tackle them. We also combine these PDF or PPT briefings with face-to-face workshop and seminars or calls, with clients and their managers.

‘Critical Friend’ insights and workshops 

Innovation Forum has been providing sustainability insights, advice and focused thinking for some of our customers for years. We sit on stakeholder panels, provide group briefings, and work with clients to give them an outside perspective on risk and progress. Because of our access to the cutting edge thinkers on existing and emerging issues, we can offer unique insights into how customers can improve their approaches, from strategy development to specific issues and responses.


We’ve worked with a number of large companies over many years providing online, video, and face-to-face training, seminars and workshops for sustainability managers teams and boards. Our learning methods are highly interactive, practical and based on real world experiences of companies, NGOs, Governments and others, not academic theory. Our Clients include Walgreens Boots Alliance, Interface, S Group, and many others.

Just email Tobias.Webb@innovation-forum.co.uk if you’d like to know more.

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