Innocent Drinks’ Richard Reed on growth and sustainability

Innocent Drinks is one of the UK’s most iconic brands when it comes to sustainable business.

Originally set up with a health mission, the founders quickly realised the wider sustainability debate is just as important. Climate change keeps them awake at night.

Here’s a podcast I taped earlier this week with Richard Reed, one of the co-founders.

I wish all CEO’s/Corporate execs were as honest, passionate and authentic as Richard Reed is.

But that’s unlikely ever to happen. Innocent is one of those rare businesses that looked to break the mould on how the food industry works.

They’ve succeeded, but not without some tough times, as Richard discusses in the podcast.

Traditional food executives may scoff at their higher-cost business model. But the future looks bright for the firm despite some recent losses.

Having Coca-Cola as a backer shows that their model, at least in their market area, may well be better suited to our future than the traditional model of the past. Coke are at least hedging their bets by recognising this.

Innocent’s margins aside, the fact that three individuals can shake up a traditional, decades and decades-old model in less than ten years shows the rest of us just what is possible if we put our minds to it. More power to their elbow.

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