How to measure social and economic impact, a new report now out

Ethical Corporation’s new report “Social and economic impact: measurement, evaluation and reporting” is what we are calling “a must-have guide for companies operating in emerging markets and vulnerable communities”.

We’ve spent a long time and quite a lot of money producing it. It’s been peer reviewed by a number of experts, so hopefully it’s quite good.

The 100-page exclusive report features case studies of: Heineken * Vodafone * SAB Miller * Tata * Unilever * Nike * RBS and Coca Cola.

We’ve got some key findings and stats from the report, which you can get at by clicking here.

Happy to give all and any blog readers a discount. Email me at toby.webb@ethicalcorp.com and we’ll work something out. It’s a cracking report 🙂


  1. In discussing the BP oil spill on our blog, someone commented that “responsibility” requires that a corporation tell the truth. Out of curiosity, should a corporation tell the truth when it would help plaintiffs in lawsuits against the corporation recover more damages which would adversely affect the corporation’s bottom line, or is this an instance where lying is justified?

  2. Hi "Inspector Clouseau", I don't think there is an instance where lying is justified. In lawsuits there is an even greater risk in doing so. Toby

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