How Timpson’s have got customer service right

Following on from my earlier posting on corporate responsibility and poor customer service, (Sky are still appalling by the way!), here’s a great podcast on how to get it right.

Entitled: “Hell For Leather”, it’s about Timpson’s the shoe repairer/key cutting firm who have developed a philosophy called “Upside down management”.

It’s an idea based on two key ideas: Allow people to make decisions themselves that are good for the business and good for custmers. And give them incentives to always know the numbers, so they stay focused on the top and bottom line.

Simple and brilliant. Listen to the argument for taking away excessive technology, it may give you pause for thought.

The message there is: “When you deal with people, (customers), taking people (your staff and their decision making power) out of the mix and replacing it with dumb, fixed decision technology, is not a good idea”.

Machines may be cheaper, but people buy from people, not brand names.

Unless you are Coke. And you are probably not.

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  1. Agreed. It is a great podcast. John Timpson has been writing a column for Real Business for the past decade or so – and the things he talked about to Peter Day on In Business are precisely what he has advocated in the pages of our magazine for all that time. He's been consistent, not modish, and it really does pay off. It's worth popping into a Timpson shop to see for yourself.

    Stuart Rock

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