How many Tuna make a million dollars?

According to the excellent PlanetArk site of Reuters, ten Tuna can be worth a million bucks, if they are Bluefin.

So good news for the Bluefin, perhaps, (although it would help if Nobu would stop selling it) that the EU  “has provisionally backed a ban on fishing for Atlantic bluefin tuna” and “would support the EU co-sponsoring a proposal by Monaco to list the species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) next March.”

The NGOs have not got entirely what they wanted though, given that “the EU will not fully commit until its 27 member countries have been consulted on September 21 or before new scientific data emerges in November.”

Campaigners remain unhappy: “”Bluefin tuna has become endangered because of disgraceful fisheries management in the EU,” said Greenpeace campaigner Saskia Richartz.”

Meanwhile, as we mentioned in this article in July, Mitsubishi says that the firm “believes that it can best contribute to the sustainability of bluefin tuna by remaining in the business for now.” 

Er, how’s that then? Hard to justify, surely. 

UPDATE: Here’s Charles Clover, author of the End of the Line, a great book on fishing, on the potential of a ban.

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