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How can Latin America contribute to sustainable palm oil production?

This is an important question.

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So how could the Latin American palm oil industry proceed in order to ensure a sizeable contribution to the sustainable palm oil market?

Here’s three perspectives:

Latin America and market advantage: meeting demand for deforestation-free palm oil

As palm oil production spreads to Latin America from Southeast Asia, producers should consider the global criticism and market signals that are shaping the policies of Southeast Asian producers, says Sharon Smith.

Latin America: The next palm oil frontier?

By using existing suitable land which does not prompt forest clearance and by paying palm oil industry workers higher wages than Southeast Asian counterparts, the palm oil industry in Colombia checks most sustainability criteria, believes Jens Mesa-Dishington.

Oil-palm expansion in Latin America, is expansion on pastures the way forward?

The use of degraded land for oil palm cultivation in Latin America is central to their sustainable production of the vegetable oil. While environmental impacts should be mitigated, social benefits should equally be considered, says John Garcia Ulloa.

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