Hiring in China ain’t easy…nor is being a human rights lawyer here

A new survey from the Association of Search and Selection Consultants and Maxima regarding China:

82% of fraud cases in China involve employees
23% of applicants use false names
43% admitted to accepting secret commissions or kickbacks
29% admitted to expense account fraud
27% admitted to false invoicing
19% of applicants lied about their criminal

HR managers for big brands in China have their work cut out!

Also, According to the Los Angeles Times, new rules quietly adopted in China are likely to have a chilling effect on lawyers who represent political protesters, Human Rights Watch warns in a report being released in Hong Kong this week. The regulations require that lawyers representing political protesters be “helpful to the government,” share otherwise-confidential information about their clients with prosecutors, and be of “good political” quality, generally a euphemism for dedication to the ruling Communist Party.

Paul French, China Editor
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