Half price EC subscription for blog readers

Hi All,

There’s several hundred of you, perhaps a few more, who read this blog. Thank you for your attention, you know feedback on how to improve it is always welcomed.

It’s a bit slow this past couple of weeks after my mini-essay on opinion former stakeholder engagement earlier. Partly that’s because we held our biggest event of the year, the Responsible Business Summit and awards last week here in London.

In the meantime, as you know we publish a print magazine and paid website.

Subscription costs vary between £99 and £495 a year, for individuals. I’m offering any blog readers half price on a new subscription, to see what impact it has. That gets you access to more than 7000 articles we’ve published since 2001 on Ethicalcorp.com.

So for any of you reading this, if you want 50% off our subscription prices, just send me an email with your details to toby.webb@ethicalcorp.com and we’ll arrange your half price subscription to Ethical Corporation, online and/or in print.

And let me know what you’d like to discussed on the blog.


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