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For all fellow bloggers out there: The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (never head of them, but then I’m not a marketing expert) has issues guidelines for ethical blogging. This must be partly following the Edelman ‘flog’ fiasco in the US, when that ethical PR company was caught paying for blogs to support Wal-Mart. That’s taking stakeholder engagement a little too far.

The objectives are to:

Help marketers work honestly and ethically within the blogosphere.

Promote disclosure by marketers within blogs.

Protect consumers by establishing ethical standards for marketing to and within blogs.

Protect marketers’ reputations from the damage that unethical behavior will cause.

Website magazine points out that:

“Some of the guidelines include full disclosure as to who the blogger is and who they work for and guidelines for communicating with minors. WOMMA is clear when stating that the guidelines are intended solely for marketers and does not cover internal blogs or how to blog in general. This announcement also come on the heels of WOMMA’s ethics assesment tool – questions for brands, clients and agencies when planning a campaign.”


Read the new ’10 commandments of ethical blogging’ at:

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