Greenwashing Dongtan is long dead in the water

Fred Pearce in the Guardian has turned his attention to Dongtan, the non-starter Eco-city much touted by Arup, the UK engineering firm who were supposed to be heavily involved.

Take a look at the story here.

Not wishing the blow the EC trumpet, but we’ve been covering this non-event for years.

Fred misses the point that Arup have been touting Dongtan around as a PR push for ages, long after it became clear it just wasn’t going to happen.

In January, our China editor Paul French looked at successes and failures in Chinese eco towns here.

And we’ve been podcasting on it for a while, here and here.

The project won our Greenwasher of the year award in 2007, take a look at the article here.

As Paul put it recently: “…last time I went to Dongtan there was a farmer selling tickets to watch his pigs jump through hoops of fire in a field. But no eco-city”.

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