Greenpeace vs. the BBC

Greenpeace are upset with the BBC’s HardTalk programme.

They believe they have been accused of cooking the science numbers on climate change, when they didn’t.

This would not be the first time they have been accused of fiddling the numbers to fit their agenda.

Over Chernobyl, for example, in the excellent book, Flat Earth News. And over Brent Spar, the infamous Shell oil storage platform of the mid 1990’s.

Take a look at the latest example for yourself, here.

I’d largely be inclined to give Greenpeace the benefit of the doubt. The Brent Spar case was a long time ago and I’ve never seen the direct evidence myself, it’s just an example people always talk about (and I mean always).

The Chernobyl issue is explained well here.

And on the latest spat with the BBC, judge for yourself. Greenpeace does admit that “it’s fair to say we could have been more precise” about sea ice over land ice in the arctic, but raises some useful questions about the quality of journalism at the BBC these days.

Here’s a link to a podcast interview I did with Greenpeace’s head last year.

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