Greenpeace hammering Nestle on Palm Oil

Yes folks, it’s Greenpeace protest time again.

And this time they are campaigning, internationally, against Nestle on Palm Oil sourcing, and the impact that has on the environment, in particular rainforest.

From the copy on the website it looks like they are also targeting Nestle employees, saying:

“Nestlé have so far refused to stop buying palm oil from the worst suppliers, so it’s time to make them change their minds”.


“It’s likely that many of you don’t know your employer is involved in destroying these rainforests, so we want to give you this opportunity to find out more about it.”

The fake Kit-Kat ad they are running on the site linked above, is one of the most shocking you’ll see in the corporate campaigning field.

How Nestle responds will be key. The company has not been giving the issue the due concern that it should in recent years. This may act as a wake-up call.

Greenpeace has even changed their UK homepage to highlight the campaign, check it out at: http://www.greenpeace.org.uk

And some of our recent coverage is here.

UPDATE: The campaign/associated report may already be having an effect.

UPDATE: The original video ad lasted almost exactly six hours before Nestle had YouTube pull it down. Now it’s back up. More on this, here.

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