Great greenwash we all know and love…a recent round up

Ecohuddle, who I must admit I haven’t heard of before, have a good posting on how not to do environmental advertising on their site.

The link is here.

They show images and videos from companies such as GE, GM and others as over-egged examples of the greenwash omlette.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council’s ad is particularly cloying. It won lots of the wrong kind of awards.

I particularly like the cartoon at the start of the Ecohuddle piece I linked to above. Timeless.

Interesting that they didn’t include any Shell ads. The firm has now stopped its eco ads, by and large. I wonder if that had anything to do with the decision.

Or it could just be oversight. There’s a lot of greenwash out there to choose from!

Readers are welcome to post their own links to useful examples of how not to advertise.

This propaganda piece on mining is one my favourites. There’s a debate about it, featuring Greenpeace, here.

Greenwash has become so prevalent in the bamboo fabric sector the US Federal Trade Commission has censured three firms recently, and issued a statement on the topic.

Meanwhile, consultants BSR and Futerra have produced a guide for companies concerned about Greenwash. It’s here.

And finally for this round-up, Mother Jones, an excellent American magazine, is having a pop at Fiji Water about greenwash here.

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