Great advice on why you should keep internal communications simple

Mallen Baker’s recent post on communications is well worth a read.

Here’s a sample:

“Last week, I was facilitating focus groups for employees in a company about their sustainability issues. The comment was made from guys who worked on the ground that they had stopped taking in the messages pushed at them by head office.

Because there were too many posters. Too many bulletins. They had just become wallpaper. You could communicate maybe one or two big messages at a time and be heard. But once you tried to communicate everything (because it’s all important, right?) the end result was to communicate nothing well.

You can be competent at all the things you need to be competent in. But you can be brilliant in only one or two.

All round competent conpanies do well in indices. But they don’t get admired for brilliance.

The most admired companies got that way because of one story.”

Sound advice…

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