FT’s climate prediction for 2010

Will 2010 be the hottest year globally in recorded history? Asks the FT in its 2010 predictions.

The paper’s science editor goes on to argue that:

“Climate change sceptics frequently point out that 1998 was the hottest year since measurements began. If the world is warming, why has the record not been broken, they ask.

Scientists say 1998 was so hot because of the exceptional El Niño warming of the tropical Pacific Ocean that year. With another El Niño apparently developing now – and superimposing its effect on man-made climate change – it is more likely than not that 2010 will beat the 1998 record, according to the much-maligned but often accurate UK Met Office.

Although a big volcanic eruption or El Niño’s sudden death would cool things down, I’ll go for the big heat. Next year’s global average temperature will be the highest on record – which may give renewed impetus to international action against global warming, after the Copenhagen fiasco. Clive Cookson”

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