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Free webinar: Is improving land rights the key to smallholder development? And, if so, how can companies help?

Secure land rights are often essential for smallholders to attain finance and agricultural extension.

That support is critical for making investments that raise farm productivity, improve post-harvest practices, smooth household cash flow, and aid better access to markets and management of risk.

In theory, farmers that own their land are also incentivized to improve their farms, and so boost the yields that sourcing companies need for supply security.

This webinar will explore the crucial question of whether land tenure is the key to smallholder development – and if so – what the role of companies should be in resolving land issues in their supply chain?

Our speakers will:

  • Discuss what land rights are, and why they are a risk and an opportunity to companies operating in agricultural supply chains;
  • Critically examine research that land rights governance creates a more ‘sustainable’ supply chain;
  • Explore case studies of government engagement on land issues and address whether business can or should seek to influence these sensitive processes; and
  • Provide advice on what practical steps companies can take to facilitate improved land rights and avoid conflicts in areas where they have a significant interest.

Chris Jochnick, CEO and President, Landesa

Kavita Prakash-Mani, executive director, Grow Asia

Michael McManus, VP, corporate, government affairs and stakeholder engagement, Asia Pulp & Paper

Moderator: Ian Welsh, publishing director, Innovation Forum

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