Free research findings on how big companies manage CSR issues

As someone interested in the corporate sustainability space, you might like some of the complimentary selected findings from our research work over the last couple of years.

As you may know, alongside our magazine, website and conferences, Ethical Corporation produces highly commended independent research on how big companies manage complex corporate responsibility issues. We’ve been doing this since 2007.

Here’s a list of the case-study driven reports we have available.

There’s also some links below so you can download selected findings.

I hope you’ll find some of them useful.

As a regular reader of our analysis on corporate sustainability, if you would like one or more of these reports, just let us know.

Happy to give blog readers a discount on any of these below.

Here’s the list of reports you can download some findings from:


Social and economic impact: measurement, evaluation and reporting (2010)
A must-have guide for companies operating in emerging markets and vulnerable communities
Download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/impact

How to embed corporate responsibility across different parts of your company (2009)
This 100-page report covers winning methods for encouraging and monitoring corporate social responsibility in operational departments.
Download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/csr

Best practices for designing effective ethics programmes (2009)
How to fortify your ethics codes and training methods
You can download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/ectraining

The Guide to Industry Initiatives in CSR (2009)
Get the inside track from some of the world’s key sector initiatives
You can download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/voluntaryinitiatives

Business Ethics and Compliance in Russia (2009)
Practical information to develop local compliance strategies & overcome corruption challenges
You can download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/russia

Counter corruption in your supply chains in China (2009)
The risks, laws, methods and best practices for managing ethical and efficient supply chains in China
You can download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/china

Anti-corruption, Ethics and Compliance in China (2009)
Find out about how current and emerging regulations in China will affect businesses expanding into the Chinese market.
You can download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/china


Unlocking the profit in Water savings (2nd edition – June 2010)
How big companies manage water risk – and the business opportunities in doing so
You can download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/water/

Corporate greenhouse gas emissions reporting (2008)
Learn how your competitors are calculating and verifying their GHG emissions
You can download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/ghgreporting

Corporate perspectives on the ‘CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme’ – Brand new 2010 second edition
A hands on management briefing on real life ways big UK companies cut carbon, and their costs.
You can download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/crc/

Essential strategies for effective emissions trading and offsetting (2008)
Practical information from leading companies
You can download selected findings at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports/emissionstrading

Ethical Corporation also produces 8-10 page Country Briefings on corporate responsibility.
Briefings are available for: Germany, USA, Netherlands, India, Brazil, China, South Africa, Sweden, Japan and Canada
More information on these is available at: http://www.ethicalcorp.com/briefing/index.asp

More information on our reports can be found at: http://www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com/reports

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