Former BP CEO John Browne on business and trust

Whilst browsing past events held by the RSA after my last post, I found this link:

Leadership and Trust in Business

The impact of the economic crisis has fundamentally altered public, political and non-governmental views of financial institutions and the businesses they serve. This is likely to be a permanent trend, which has far reaching implications for business leaders. There is a growing consensus that business is responsible to all of its stakeholders, not just its shareholders, which throws the increasingly important role of the informed consumer into sharp focus.

Is it better when business is trusted? Does this enhance their commitment to corporate responsibility? Or is the world better served when there exists a healthy scepticism to hold business to account? What is the remit of business in relation to Government, NGOs, social enterprise and the consumer, and how can trust be revived and sustained?

Speaker: Lord Browne of Madingley, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

I haven’t listened to this yet, but given his track record, you have to imagine it will be worth the time invested.

He has a new book out too: “Beyond Business: An Inspirational Memoir From a Visionary Leader“.

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