Five top sustainability trends on the smarter business blog

I’ve been looking, somewhat obsessively, at the reader stats for this blog recently.

As far as I can work out, there’s a regular audience for it of a few thousand business execs, NGOs, policy wonks, journos and academics.

Clearly as a blogger, one wants to know what the audience likes.

So what’s popular on the blog over the last 30 days?

Business collaboration takes top spot at the moment.

The business case and benefits of smarter, responsible business comes in second

How NOT to respond to campaign groups is a close third.

Corporate strategy and B2B and B2C differences post is not far behind.

Following that, reputation, how media mentions affect share price and a post on innovation come next.

So, from my 800 readers via email and few thousand others online (it’s hard to be exact), the five main trends I am seeing recently are:

1) B2B collaboration
2) The business case
3) Dealing with campaigners
4) Corporate reputation and media coverage
5) Corporate strategy and innovation

So, pretty much the same as when I started out in this game ten years ago then!

And about the same as when I started blogging five years ago.

Actually, that’s not true. Yes reputation, campaigners, media coverage and the business case have always been key areas of interest among readers and customers.

But two new entrants are high up the list. B2B collaboration used to be around partnerships for development, at best, or work with industry groups.

Now it’s evolving much higher up the value chain, into product design, into manufacturing and buying systems. That’s significant.

Secondly, strategy and innovation, vague terms both, are also of much greater interest.

CEOs know enough to speak publicly in much more detail these days.

That’s driving progress, along with all those concerns I keep blogging about such as energy and commodity prices and supply chain resilience and community/customer trust etc.

This is all very encouraging, despite the challenges we all know we face.

As Jeremy Grantham, the legendary long term investor I mentioned in the previous post says, it’s never too late.

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