The Financial Times serves up another BP beating

.i{content: normal !important}i{content: normal !important}Those of you that read the old pink ‘un will have notices an almost unhealthy obsession with BP’s
travails in recent months. For the latest, mostly rehashed allegations, see:


and then:


The first post is on Alaska, the second link is to the story on Texas City in today’s FT.

So what is behind all this? Is the FT simply outraged at BP’s prior claims to social and environmental responsibility and is now determined to make an example of them? Or is the
case genuinely so shocking it warrants constant revisiting? (there is a case for saying that).

Industry experts have long told me the company had a reputation for slap dash safety, while climate villain Exxon’s record is generally much better, at least on the human side.

Be interesting to see if BP ever advertises again in the FT.

We have done our 3 articles in one issue on the BP issues recently, not much new to report, except the recent settlement with the family of two victims:


And here is what we ran on BP in November’s issue:




Last but not least, here is Mallen Baker’s piece on both BP and Exxon:


Comments from blog readers welcomed, why is the FT so obsessed with BP?

Toby Webb, Editor

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