Final agenda for deforestation event next week. 34 speakers from companies, NGOs and others in London

In case I hadn’t mentioned it, we’re hosting a conference next week on how business can effectively tackle deforestation. It will be in London on Oct 28-29th.

About 150 large companies, key social and environmental NGOs will be there.

We’ve got 34 speakers, and the event is generously sponsored by Robertsbridge and Sky/WWF.

Just added to the agenda are Asia Pulp & Paper and Cargill, amongst quite a few others.

The latest, full agenda is here, no login or information needed.

It’s also embedded below. Full conference website is here. Hope you can make it.

Agenda embedded below. We are quite proud of this one.

The DC version of the event will be on April 14-15 2015. Let us know if you’d like to take part in that. Email if so.

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