Fairtrade under attack in a new film about tea

A new documentary, showing in London soon, claims that:

“In the beautiful lush tea gardens of Kenya, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, millions of tea-workers are plucking tea for multinational companies.

The companies promise consumers that they will act as responsible members of the global community; protecting the environment and ensuring good working and living conditions for the workers.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the west, consumers have turned to Fairtrade believing it guarantees that the workers in the Fairtrade certified tea estates get a get a fair wage and better working conditions. This film tells the true story of how Fairtrade is not at all fair.”

More about this new movie here.

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  1. The Tea estate that this film looks at only sells a tiny percentage of it's tea as Fairtrade, that is why the workers have not seen the full benefits of Fairtrade. While the 5 major companies in the UK refuse to buy tea on Fairtrade terms, workers will continue to be badly paid. The only way we can change the circumstances shown in this documentary is by buying more Fairtrade Tea, not less, find out how to swap your cuppa here, http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/thebigswap/about_the_big_swap/

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