Ethical Corporation Awards 2011 – The Draft Categories for comment

Dear readers, here’s the draft list of the awards categories we are considering for next year’s 2011 Ethical Corporation awards.

I’d love to hear from as to whether an important category is missing, in your view.


1. High performance
The high performance category is our overall award winner. The company that wins will have shown our judging panel how they have created sustainable value throughout their business and in wider society, by seeking to manage their impact holistically and positively.

2. Innovative reporting
This award rewards the organization, large or small, which has done the most to demonstrate new ideas, creativity and innovation in reporting on sustainability and corporate responsibility. The award is for either print or online reporting, or a combination of both. The winner will have demonstrated that stakeholder engagement and perceptions have improved.

3. Authentic communications
This award is for an example or campaign by an organization which demonstrates convincing communications beyond simply reporting. The winner will show an ad or campaign has been received by its audience as trustworthy, convincing and genuine.

4. Individual leader
Our individual leader of the year award is for the manager or CEO who has done most to drive sustainability in to their organization over the last year. The Leader Award will go to someone who has made a clear difference to their organization either by developing a new strategy or overseeing implementation to an exceptional degree and made a clear, obvious difference.

5. Effective Campaigner
The Campaigner of the Year award will go to the NGO who our judges feel have made the biggest difference in 2009-10. The winner will have demonstrated, by a campaign or series of campaigns, that their actions have had a major impact on business and environmental/social gains. Innovation, good communications and clarity of goals will all be considered.

6. Best Collaboration
This award will go to the partnership between organisations that in the view of the judges, has done most, publicly, and behind the scenes to deliver an improved sustainability-based outcome on a particular issue or strategy. A typical entry will be a partnership between an NGO and a company to raise awareness of a particular issue and set targets for improved performance by a company or industry on a corporate responsibility area.

7. Sustainability Commercialised
This award is for the company which has shown how a sustainability-based innovation has been clearly commercialised by the company and is becoming a mainstream part of its business. To be shortlisted for the award, the company will need to demonstrate that corporate responsibility has played a key role in the development of the product or service being put forward for shortlisting.

1. Best Private Company
This award will be given to the non-listed company our judges feel is responding most substantively to the sustainability agenda in 2011. The shortlisted companies will be made up any firms, large or small, who have shown they are taking the corporate responsibility agenda most seriously, by highlighting overall generally accepted metrics and specific projects that have delivered both business and societal/environmental value.

The 2011 awards will be held on the evening of May 3 2011. More at: http://www.ethicalcorp.com/rbs/

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  1. Hi Toby, I think that transparency is a key category, specially when there is a surge in transparency according to the latest Globescan report.

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