Ethical Corporation 2012 Awards: Categories and questions

Here’s our latest thinking, soon to be set in stone, on our Awards Categories for our 2012 Awards Dinner.

The 2012 Ethical Corporation Awards will be in May or June 2012 in Central London.

We’re separating them fron the Responsible Business Summit Conference in 2012, mainly so we can hold them more centrally, in less of a rush, with more time to celebrate corporate responsibility excellence, at a nicer location in London.

Here’s our thinking as of today on categories. Love to know what you think.

Best Private Company

This award will go the privately-held unlisted company which has best demonstrated their commitment to embedding sustainable business across their operations.

Judges will be looking for a comprehensive approach, targets across the board and a clear demonstration of top level leadership from the board and owners of the business

Most Innovative Company

The winner of this award will have clearly demonstrated to the judges how they have used sustainability thinking to fuel innovation in their business.

The company will show how responsible business innovation in product design, manufacturing or service offering has delivered a positive outcome both for the bottom line and against social/environmental goals the firm has set.

Supply Chain Excellence

The company which wins this award will have demonstrated how they are clearly managing more socially and environmentally supply chain than in the recent past.

The award will go to the company that shows clear engagement, both bottom up and top down, with suppliers, and is helping suppliers deliver on sustainability goals proactively, and against firm and clear targets.

Best Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is vitally important in embedding CSR into a business. This award will go the company that has shown how they communicate their policies on sustainability with colleagues.

More importantly, the winning company will demonstrate how they engage with and listen to employees, and take those ideas on board to refine their sustainability plans and targets.

Best Sustainability Software

Technology is increasingly used to drive improved corporate sustainability performance. This award will be given to the software product most clearly enabling companies to improve their sustainability management processes and results.

Applications are open to companies providing software across different areas of sustainability and corporate responsibility, from carbon to water to social or governance issues.

Sustainability Commercialised

This award goes to the company that most clearly demonstrates how they have incorporated responsible business and sustainability thinking into commercial objectives.

The winner will show how they have created a definitive new product or service from sustainability/CR thinking and will be able to show how it has been incorporated into mainstream business thinking across the company.

Authentic Stakeholder Outreach

Communications remains a complex area for companies. This award will go to the firm demonstrating how, beyond reporting their progress, the company is engaging key stakeholders in sustainability messaging.

Typical entries may include a think piece, event, study or another example of outreach that clearly shows the company is listening to influential stakeholder voices.

Best Consumer engagement

Communications remains a complex area for companies. This award will go to the firm demonstrating how, beyond reporting their progress, the company is engaging consumers in sustainability messaging.

Typical entries may include an advertisement or media output that demonstrates engaged and creative thinking in communicating sustainability.

Best Sustainability Report

Our innovative reporting award will go the company that shows how they have delivered corporate responsibility/sustainability transparency to stakeholders in an honest, humble and clearly consistent way.

The winner will have shown judges how they are communicating progress whilst being honest about the challenges they face and clear about the business wins their report has achieved for the company

Best B2B Sustainability Collaboration

This award goes to the best sustainability/corporate responsibility partnership between two companies. The companies could be competitors, business partners or in different industries/sectors.

The winner will have shown clear commitment to a long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration that can demonstrate real commercial benefits and social/environmental/governance gains for society.

Best Corporate/NGO Partnership

This award goes to the best sustainability/corporate responsibility partnership between a company and an NGO.

The winner will have shown clear commitment to a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership that can demonstrate real social/environmental/governance gains for society.

Sustainability Consultancy of the year

This award will go to the advisory/consultancy firm that, in the view of the judges, has delivered both for clients and society with their work.

The winning company, which could be either a few consultants or hundreds within a larger firm, will clearly show how their work has influenced and helped a client deliver business results – and positive change for society/the environment.

Sustainability Executive of the year

Managers are often the unsung heroes of corporate sustainability/responsibility. CEOs take the credit when things go well, managers often take the blame when it does not.

This award, effectively our ‘manager of the year’ award, will go to the executive our judges feel has made a substantive difference in their company in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

The award will recognise the key work the winning manager has done in driving sustainable change across their business. Entries will describe their influence and effectiveness for the judges.

Business Leader of the year 2012

This award is for the CEO of the year. Our judges will be looking for the business leader who has clearly shown they have lead their company effectively in the period March 2011-2012 on sustainability/CSR issues.

Our winner will have demonstrated a clear grasp of both the issues and the need to commit to managing the unknown towards real targets that demonstrates both sector and individual leadership.

Send your comments, queries, ideas on the above to: Toby.Webb@ethicalcorp.com

The entry form will be live on the web soon.

To register your interest now, email: emmeline.rajasingam@ethicalcorp.com

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