Ethical branding all the rage

This week Ethical Corporation held its annual comms/branding conference in London.

It was a great mix of big brands and niche ethical players talking about how they communicate and the tips and tricks that work.

As usual there was a fair amount of PR around but also some solid information. The agenda is at this link

Toyota, as always, gave a good presentation on their work. I’ve had Toyota speaking at conferences I have been involved with since 1999 and they always do a really excellent job. Graham Smith, their EVP external affairs, was up the mark this time too. In the past I have managed to get Akio Toyoda, the big cheese in Japan, to a similar size conference. You have to admire Toyota’s humbleness. Unlike GM and Ford they are always prepared to send high level execs to smallish events, without an attitude problem. Perhaps that lack of arrogance is one of the reasons they are kicking the American’s behinds in the global marketplace, I’d like to think so.

One thing that did become apparent is just how far green cars have to go. Even Toyota, as the big leader on hydbrids, has only sold around 5000 so far in the UK. Smith from Toyota also talked about the Low Carbon Vechicle Partnership as a way forward.

Are hybrids, with their main benefit only being higher miles per gallon, the answer?

Toby Webb, Editor

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  1. Apparently the energy used in making vehicles is at least as much as the fuel they use in their entire lifetime. Shouldn’t we be looking at the bigger picture and putting more emphasis on recycling used vehicles and LPG conversions?

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