Electric vehicles: The cars of the future

I was lucky enough to wander into the Geneva motor show last Friday. Here’s a few images below of the electric cars on show.

The theory seems to be that hybrids will go mainstream first, but by 2020 or so, we’ll have to have switched to cars like these, full electric ones, and found a sustainable way to charge them, to combat climate change.

No doubt the cars of 2020 won’t look like these. But here’s a look into the near future, at least in the case of the Nissan Leaf:

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  1. Nice photos but are green cars really all that green? There's a lot of debate at the moment about how green electric and hybrid vehicles are versus conventional cars.

    Zero or very low exhaust emissions are going to be better in terms of air quality and carbon emissions on our roads than conventional vehicles with petrol engines, but what about the battery, energy top up and the embedded carbon?

    GreenWise has a wise guide to green cars and its editor questions the viability of green cars in an open post which might be of interest http://bit.ly/eAkNiV

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