The Ecologist goes online only…

Readers of this blog may well know the Ecologist magazine.

With a long history of promoting environmentalism, the magazine has always been a labour of love for its owners, the Goldsmith family.

I once did the numbers on it, based on what I know of running magazines for almost a decade, and the economics never added up in print. Not even close.

Editorially it’s now a half-decent magazine, having purged itself of some of its worst anti-corporate/capitalist tendencies.

I always wondered whether this shift had anything to do with its owner, Zac Goldsmith, attempting to become selected as a Conservative Member of Parliament.

This is all by the by. The point of this post is to alert you to the fact The Ecologist is going on-line only, from the end of this month.

The plan seems to be to generate online subscriptions revenue somehow.

This is in line with a whole shift in publishing towards paid content online.

If it’s unique, hard to get elsewhere, then you can do it, so say the experts I have seen and heard hold forth on it.

It’s something we’ll be doing too, quite soon, on EthicalCorp.com.

Needs must, and all that. Hopefully other sustainability publications out there will do the same. It appears we all have little choice.

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