How not to annoy your followers on Twitter

I’ve been wondering about this.

I follow exactly 54 people/organisations on Twitter.
                                                                                                                       Give it a break, sometimes..

I try to limit it, or it gets totally out of hand.

That’s because many of those I follow, or used to follow, just go completely over the top sometimes.

You can see 15-20 postings a day. Twitter overload.

And with that volume, the quality of the tweets go right down.

We’ve seen this on blogs. On those, we see endless “Desperate Digital Waving”, which has not yet polluted Twitter that much, thank god. 

For example, I love a lot of what Copy Blogger posts on twitter.

But often the weekend tweets dominate my page, and simply serve to irritate after a while. I miss important items as a result.

Other Twitterers, some of them friends of mine, will sometimes post 10 links in a row.

It’s exhausting. 

What’s the lesson here? Not everything you read has to be tweeted.

Pick genuninely interesting news or thoughts, not every web page you visit.

I follow a few CEOs on Twitter. One spends his time endlessly saying where he is, and praising staff. Nothing wrong with praising employees, but the sameness of the tweets gets a bit wearing.

Another one I follow only posts really interesting links (and views), not just standard news, and always has a pithy comment next to the link. That’s surely the way to go.

I try to limit tweets to five a day at the most. Usually no more than two or three.

Here’s the link to my page.

Why should I think that I have the right or the permission to dominate someone’s page?

That’s the fastest way to lose followers, if other people think the same way about it as I do.

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