Did you think Nordic companies were the best at CR? Think again…

Well, not quite think again. But this article we’ve just published shows why the complexities of corporate responsibility mean you can’t make sweeping statements (even though we all enjoy doing so sometimes!).

As we all know, due to progressive governments in the Scandinavian region, companies in the area are often pretty good at grasping how important sustainability is.

You can list lots of companies from the region who do excellent work in many CR areas (I’m not saying they are perfect!).

These might include StatoilHydro, H&M, ICA, Novo Nordisk, NovoZymes, IKEA, Nokia, etc etc.

As a British citizen, I’m probably not alone in sometimes looking northwards with envy and thinking: “If only we had a government that smart, a culture that progressive, and a population that small…”

But everything is not perfect in the Nordic region, as Rory Sullivan points out in this article we’ve just run, entitled: “Lagging or leading? How are Nordic companies responding to climate change?”

It’s based on a report by Insight Investment and Ethix SRI Advisers, which finds some problems in companies across the region. For example, one startling conclusion which really surprised me is:

“Nordic companies lag significantly behind their European peers on all major aspects of climate change management and governance.

Specifically, climate change policies are much weaker, the quality of GHG inventories is much lower, the targets being set are much more modest and the emissions reductions that have been achieved are much lower.”

Clearly some way to go for firms in the region, if the report is credible. And I strongly suspect it is.

For more, go here for the article, and here for the report.

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