Nobu, bluefin tuna and desperate newspapers

Search for Nobu on Google news and you get some interesting results:

Celebrity diners say no to Nobu

Food is the new fur for the celebrity with a conscience

But then:

The winner from the tuna debacle? Nobu

The Telegraph:
Celebrities make me want to club a seal

It makes me wonder whether this is just the same old liberal/conservative divide in the press playing itself out in environmental issues, or a backlash against sustainability.

The Telegraph article in particular is rather visceral. I know columnists should be allowed to write more or less what they want, but encouraging the eating of endangered species is surely going a little too far.

So this is either the traditional conservative vs. liberal press debate, a backlash against responsible business, or newspaper columnists in a dying industry desperately trying to hang on to reactionary readers.

You decide…

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  1. Nobu's continual devotion to selling bluefin is an anachronistic throwback to a time when corporate rapacity went unchecked by the reality of the state of our planet. Today, we are far too educated and aware to excuse an act as blatantly greed-driven as offering an endangered species on a sushi menu. Nobu's reluctance to adapt only serves to underscore their arrogance and disdain for the oceans which have served to make the restaurant's owners so wealthy.

    Full response available at http://www.sustainablesushi.net/2009/06/08/why-nobu-must-evolve/

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