Davos – twelve power shifts that are changing the world

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Davos–Twelve Power Shifts That Are Changing The World.

January 24, 2007

Davos–Twelve Power Shifts That Are Changing The World.

The most interesting them of the opening day was a series of sessions on key shifts in power that are changing our lives. People went to four sessions of power shifts in geopolitics, economics, technology/society and business.

Here are the 12 big trends:


1) Shift of power to China and India
2) Rise of anxiety over inequality and job security in the US and Europe
3) Growth in capital flows to private capital (hedge funds and private equity firms)


1) Rise of new states and the end of the unipolar world (read US hegemony)
2) Growing power of resource suppliers (oil and other commodities)
3) Rising threats from non-state actors

Technology and Society:

1)Rise of The New Individual, empowered by networks
2)Shift to collective intelligence from individual intelligence and aggregators of information
3) Rise of new power extremes in demographics (young are better connected in new ways and more powerful–as are old in old ways)


1)New corporations from China and India threaten the status quo
2)Emphasis on corporate social responsibility is shifting to sustainability
3)Customers are becoming stronger than corporations, putting strain on CEOs to reinvent their companies–and their own leadership roles.

Fascinating stuff, what many of us have been hearing for a while, but a nice summary!

Toby Webb, Editor

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  1. The question I would like to ask is this: given that change is inevitable and the U.S. hegemony will be challenged will we be able to go through this change without more bloodshed ?? Or is military confrontation inevitable? Chiefly because of the U.S. political mindset.

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