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Date for your diary: 6th-7th November 2018, London – Innovation Forum’s Sustainable Landscapes conference 2018

As some readers and customers of Innovation Forum may know, we’ve been running conferences on various supply chain issues since we started. To date, we’ve run around 10-12 events per year in recent years, and perhaps 30 since we started in 2014.

These are generally events of 80-150 business folks, NGOs, and others, over two days in London, Washington D.C., Amsterdam, Singapore, or Jakarta. They work pretty well. We ban PowerPoint, videos and the usual, seemingly endless “let me just take a minute (read 10-15-20 in reality) to tell you about my company” stuff.

That’s all well and good. But there comes a time to step things up a gear. For us, that’s this year, and next, when we are consolidating a few of the events we work on, into a bigger one, with separate streams covering different areas.

So, with regard to smallholder farmer sustainability, tackling deforestation, sustainable commodities, landscapes and agriculture, we’re putting it all in one place later in 2018.

Here’s what we’ve come up with, and I hope you can join us for it:

Innovation Forum’s Sustainable Landscapes conference 2018

Land, Forests, Farmers, Livelihoods: How business can manage risk, improve relationships and drive resilience

6th-7th November 2018, London

300+ attendees. Senior executives, key NGOs, Solutions forum, networking and off the record conversations

Here are some of the big questions we’ll be asking, and issues we’ll be tackling:

  1. Sustainable sourcing: What’s the future of major commodities?
  2. How is the agriculture market dynamic changing?
  3. How will the landscape approach evolve in the next 5 years and where will the big brands be sourcing from?
  4. What will a sustainable rural community look like in 2030?
  5. 2020 targets and leaders vs. laggards: Where’s the best focus, and how should it be done?
  6. The elephant in the supply chain: Tackling corruption – the right role for brands
  7. Risk and opportunities for finance in sustainable agriculture

There will also be a solutions forum of exhibitors alongside the event.

We’ll also be covering these areas with sessions of an hour or more on each:

  • GHGs in agriculture: Which incentives and solutions work best to reduce them?
  • Sustainable intensification
  • Climate resilience
  • Water risk management
  • Is certification still credible?
  • Have the 2020 No Deforestation targets worked, even if not everyone meets them?
  • Forest Finance: Is it really working? What’s the role of business in supporting this?
  • Smallholders as a viable business model
  • Smallholders and Access to finance
  • Traceability and blockchain
  • Mapping of farms/digital traceability
  • Satellite imaging and lidar
  • Land rights issues (FPIC)
  • Soil health and biodiversity
  • The growing legal risks of illegal timber for companies and their management
  • Gender equality: Empowering women in agricultural supply chains
  • How can you use data to assess impact?
  • CASE STUDY: Nestlé’s Global Action Plan on Labour Rights in Palm Oil Supply Chains
  • CASE STUDY: Can Agroforesty approaches feed corporate supply chains at scale?
  • CASE STUDY: Gender empowerment and the SDGs: A brand approach and results so far
  • CASE STUDY: How a technology solution HAS delivered scale in agricultural sustainability

To get involved as a speaker, sponsor, attendee or exhibitor, contact:

Tanya Richard

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