CSR/Sustainability salary survey 2012: Some surprising results

If the UK is still the ‘global centre’ for CSR and business sustainability thinking, then why, I wonder, do UK executives earn less than others in the EU or USA?

I’m not sure I know the answer. Perhaps London is no longer the centre of the CSR world. I guess it depends on how you look at the subject.

Here’s an excerpt from the latest salary survey 2012 that makes interesting reading:

“Overall, average salaries are defying economic uncertainties and continuing the
rising trend of previous surveys.

For instance, the average (mean) salary in the UK, for which we have three surveys’ worth of figures, was £56,360 – against £54,560 in 2010 and £49,600 in 2008/09. In the survey as a whole, the proportion earning more than £80,000 has also risen to 24% – against 17% in 2010.

In the UK, while the number of those earning more than £80,000 has remained constant at 17%, the average salary for respondents in this group rose by £5,000 to £110,500, which was slightly higher than the overall average percentage salary increase.

However, if we are taking the headline averages as our measure, the UK is
actually at the bottom of the CR regions’ pay league. The Rest of Europe has
overtaken North America as the highest-paid region with average earnings of
£69,000, with North America on £68,010, followed by the Rest of the World
(£66,900) and then, finally, the UK.

As in previous surveys, a small number of people fall into the highest salary
range, with 4% of respondents being paid £140,000 or more. These individuals
are overwhelmingly based in Europe and North America and work in-house for
major companies (i.e. with more than 1,000 employees).”

Of course these survey results may well not be that accurate: senior people are less likely fill it in whereas middle and junior managers are more likely to, I’d guess.

More on all this, here.

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