Could India be the next big driver of corporate sustainability?

According the research firm GlobeScan, Indians are keener on both greener consumption and companies contributing to it than anywhere else.

See this link for more details.

Here’s a quote from it:

“As in 2008, the top-scoring consumers of 2010 are in the developing economies of India, Brazil, China, and Mexico, in descending order. Consumers registering the largest 2010 versus 2008 increase in environmentally sustainable consumer behavior are the Indians, Russians, and Americans. Environmentally sustainable behavior among average consumers in India, China, Mexico, Russia, Hungary, Japan, Great Britain and Canada has increased steadily each year. In contrast, consumers in Germany, Spain, Sweden and France have slipped slightly over the past year.”

And more specifically on India:

“Despite Indian consumers’ lifestyles continuing to emerge as the most environmentally sustainable of any of the countries surveyed according to the Greendex, Indians are also the most likely to cite the perception that the seriousness of environmental problems is exaggerated as a barrier to action.”

Ethical Corporation has just published a ten page briefing on how ethical, sustainable and responsible business is emerging and evolving in India. Here’s a link to the first part.

And here’s the links to the rest of the briefing:

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India Briefing Part 4: NGOs and business associations – Dynamic treatment for chronic social ills
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