The Cosa Nostra goes green

This article in the Financial Times the other day is interesting.

The Mafia in Southern Italy, particularly Sicily, has got involved in the windfarm business.

More evidence for the business case for sustainability?

Somehow I doubt this will be quoted much in standard consultancy outfit “why sustainability is great for the bottom line” reports one sees touted so often.

The FT reports that:

“Italian and EU subsidies for the building of wind farms and the world’s highest guaranteed rates, €180 ($240, £160) per kwh, for the electricity they produce have turned southern Italy into a highly attractive market exploited by organised crime.”

The Green Mafia is a term sometimes ascribed to NGO groups by opponents. Now it seems they have some competition.

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  1. and to think, all these years we’ve been extorting the poor sun…

    Thanks for this! (and thanks to Mallen Baker for re-broadcasting it).

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