Corporate responsibility and “attention blindness”

One of the reasons mistakes are made by airline pilots in simulator training is that they are so focused on a particular task, they miss a giant blockage on the runway and theoretically slam right into it.

Business is incredible at focus, at achieving single-minded objectives.

That’s where profits come from.

All obvious stuff.

But as Cathy Davidson, Duke University professor, points out in this podcast, if you focus too hard for too long, you miss important factors, like a plane blocking your runway.

We’re wired this way, at least to a degree, she posits.

(There’s also a lot else about how the brain is wired in the podcast, it’s fascinating)

Collaboration and stepping back now and again to think and look around, are how to solve this ‘attention blindness’ problem.

If I’m not mistaken this is science proving the business case for stakeholder engagement and deeper consideration of other factors by business.

Good to know the pointy heads in science have ‘proven’ us all right eh?

Without wanting to get too smug: The challenge is communications, getting the message across.

We may know we are right: But who else does?

How do you get this information in front of them?

That’s the hard part.

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