Corporate responsibility 2011 reflections and issues for 2012

I recently took part in a webinar for Canadian Business for Social Responsibility and some of their members.

The brief was around the big issues of 2011 and some thoughts on 2012.

Here’s the presentation, slides and audio.

It’s about an hour long, about 45 minutes of presenting time and then some Q&A. Ignore the audio glitch at the beginning: It does work after a few minutes, something went wrong on the audio side for a minute or two.

Here’s what I covered in terms of the slides below. This link will give you the audio.

My audio presentation starts about six minutes in.

Amusingly, I managed to leave Rio Plus 20 in Brazil in June out of the original deck altogether. Oops. I’m not sure much will happen there beyond exhortation but we’ll see. I hope I’m wrong. There is some discussion of that topic in the Q&A session at the end.

If any readers are interested in presentations/workshops/training sessions for your company, contact me at toby.webb@stakeholderintel.com

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