Corporate greenwash in Antarctica?

The Guardian ran an interesting story on page three of its Saturday edition:

“Scott, Amundsen … and now BP. How middle management conquered Antarctic

Coca-Cola and oil company fund ‘life changing’ course for executives near pole”


It’s worth a read. I was on the trip with Guardian Journalist Paul Lewis and a Belgian radio DJ. For what it’s worth I’d agree with Paul’s analysis, and in some ways he was too kind to the organisation that takes people on the trips, and the companies that spend some 25K per head sending folks.

More on this topic to come. I’ll be writing a piece for Ethical Corporation (www.ethicalcorp.com) www.ClimateChangeCorp.com and perhaps the Guardian’s online editon on the threats to Antartica, and publish a blog on the trip on our two sites (as above) very soon.

There are some initial podcasts from the region at:
http://www.climatechangecorp.com/content.asp?ContentID=4787 too.

We may also run a piece on what companies can / should spend on creating environmental leaders from up and coming managers. Readers are encouraged to add their views below.

Toby Webb, Editor

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