Corporate communications: learn from Twitter

Some salient lessons on the Twitter business tips page right now.

Lessons about two way conversations.

In the case studies section, there’s the story of Dell and how it refined use of Twitter:

“When company employees discovered Twitter at the South by Southwest conference in 2007, they thought they’d hit on a good channel for pushing out information.

“We thought, ‘Great—this has a really short lead time, and it will let us communicate our message effectively,’” says Stefanie Nelson, manager of demand generation at Dell Outlet. “We started using it for one-way communication.”

The company was surprised when people responded. “They wanted to ask questions. They wanted to share their experiences, good and bad,” says Nelson, who’s based in Austin, TX. “We realized that people were really interested in talking with us.”

More, here

This is why Twitter, social media and the web are how we’ll turn the broken, one way communication model of sustainability and corporate responsibility reporting into something interesting one day soon.

We’re holding a conference on this later in the year. More details are here.

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