Congratulations to the RSPO for finally starting to do their job

Greenpeace has revealed how the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil had begun to consider the damage laggards such as Sinar Mas are inflicting on the group’s reputation.

The leaked letters and stern warnings appear to the be first time the RSPO has seriously looked like kicking a big player out of the grouping.

Corporate responsibility groups have faced this dilemma for years. Should they be a big tent or exclusive leadership group?

As they come under more scrutiny I predict we’ll see a tightening of standards across the board in the coming years.

More laggards SHOULD be kicked out of such groups. Let’s remember where CSR really came from: reputation risk management. That’s still the biggest driver for business.

Would being kicked out of the RSPO make a difference to Sinar Mas? I’m not sure.

But I do wonder how many more big corporate customers they can afford to lose before razing the rainforest becomes less economically viable for them.

What a cost benefit analysis that is…

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