Collaborative governance, a dull name, but very important…

This term is not sexy, and not easy to grasp. But it’s vitally important for anyone concerned about the role of business in society.

Particularly in developing/emerging economies, the role of business in working in an in-depth way to make a contribution to important societal issues is increasingly important.

If you don’t know what I mean, and would like an easy(ish!) introduction to the topic, take a look here for a magazine article in Ethical Corporation which we published last year.

Just this last week, Cranfield University have published an interesting series of papers in the area.

Focusing on what CSR bods call “the governance gap” (where government struggles to respond to changing needs and society/business is figuring out where they can help take up the slack), the papers are well worth a read.

My colleague Pam Muckosy attended the recent Cranfield-convened conference on the topic and found it fascinating.

Papers from the event can be found here.

The Ethical Corporation Institute, our research arm, published a couple of papers on this last year, available free here.

For further reading, have a look at these excellent papers by Amiram Gill at Stanford and Jane Nelson at Harvard.

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