Coal stats from the US

The non-profit investigative journalism website iWatch has some interesting coal stats you might be interested in.

The article containing them is called: “Coal is back, even as the Obama administration pushes green energy” and notes that US coal production is not declining significantly:

U.S. Coal Production, in tons, 2004-2010:

2004: 1,112,099,000
2005: 1,131,498,000
2006: 1,162,750,000
2007: 1,146,635,000
2008: 1,171,809,000
2009: 1,074,923,000
2010: 1,085,281,000
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

The green groups have claimed some small victories recently though:

“On April 14, environmentalists hailed an agreement between the EPA and the Tennessee Valley Authority requiring the TVA to phase out 18 especially dirty coal-fired units in the Southeast by 2018 and install updated pollution-control equipment on another three dozen units.

The agreement, which stemmed from a lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club and two other organizations, is “a game-changer for how we power our homes and businesses in the Southeast,” Mary Anne Hitt, director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, said in a press release.”

However, the bigger picture of coal production, burning in the US and export seems relatively unaffected by green concerns in the last two years, as the numbers below demonstrate:

The top five U.S. coal producers (2009 and 2010 sales):

Peabody Energy Corp: 244 million tons sold in 2009; 246 million tons in 2010

Arch Coal Inc.: 126 million tons sold in 2009; 163 million tons in 2010

Cloud Peak Energy: 103 million tons sold in 2009; 97 million tons in 2010

Alpha Natural Resources LLC: 47 million tons sold in 2009; 85 million tons in 2010

CONSOL Energy Inc.: 58 million tons sold in 2009; 64 million tons in 2010


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