Climate change in China and water shortages

Some rather troubling news for those of us about to flush the toilet and, of course, wash our hands afterwards, in Shanghai. Justin Mundy, a government adviser on climate change told us during a presentation on the potentially dire consequences of unchecked global warming that the current low levels of aquifers in Shanghai was a prime example of the problems China faces.

Apparently Shanghai is going to have to use desalinized water in the next 10 years, then build the infrastructure to import water from Southwest China, Mundy said. However, this is problematic – “All the water in the Southwest of China is fed by glacial melt,” Mundy said. “Glacial melt in about 25 years’ time is not going to be there in anything like the capacity that is going to be required.

What then, Shanghai?” What then indeed?

Paul French, China Editor

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