Christmas reading: Sustainable products and supply chain at Cargill

If someone asked you “what would you like for some Christmas reading?”, your first response is unlikely to be: “well, thanks for thinking of me, you know, I’d really like a downloadable PDF on how a company is building a sustainable supply chain”.

Yet, there is one available. And you never know, you might find it interesting.

It’s about Cargill, one of the world’s largest companies, and what they have achieved to date with the creation and production of new low calorie natural sweetener, Truvia.

Get the PDF ‘corporate focus’ special that we’ve recently published in just one click.

And consider how this kind of thing might be useful for your company, for both internal and external communications.

I’m on on a two week break as of today, so the blog will be a bit quiet for a week or two. Merry Christmas!


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