China vs. US on Climate Change

By Paul French, China editor for Ethical Corporation, in Shanghai.

In my upcoming China Column for Ethical Corporation I talk to two long time commentators on China’s environment about whether 2009 was the year China ‘got’ green both at a Party-state and individual Zhou Public level.

Both Jonathan Watts, the Guardian’s East Asia Environment Correspondent and Isabel Hilton of the English-Chinese bilingual environment website China Dialogue, were positive but cautious over the progress made in 2009 and the possibilities for further advances in 2010.

It seems the Economist also had the same idea…sort of.

Economist Debates has raised the question ‘This House believes that China is showing more leadership than America in the fight against climate change.’

As you might expect both the speakers for an against have their own agendas – JUCCE is wedded to China so has a stake in arguing for the motion while the Manhattan Institute’s Center for Energy Policy and the Environment has a clearly defined ‘free markets’ agenda on climate change.

Still, it’s all part of the debate and interesting reading all the same. It’s certainly true that the Economist at least manages to attract a better and more literate responder in their comments section that most web sites! – you can read all the arguments and comments here.

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